It’s not just Fried Bombó. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Come experience with different sauces options.


You’ll always find something delicious for your taste.

Breeze RoofTop Bar –

Enjoy Luanda panoramic views with one of their sleek and sophisticated cocktails, like the Slim Fit or A Night In Brazil.

Iombe Chocolate and Coffee-

Bean to Bar Chocolates. A unique Spot offering visitors the three most indulgent Cs – chocolate, coffee and champagne. Their signature specialty menu revolves around these three delights, celebrating the perfect marriage of sweet, and bubbles in Rosebank Keyes Art Mile.

XL Bar-

Tropical vibes at XLBar. Grab a Friend and come taste their classic tropical Cocktails.

Africology –

Is a Modern Pan-African Restaurant. Whether hosting friends, business associates or an intimate dinner, diners will experience a full expression of Modern Pan-African cuisine.

Seg – Sex: 12am – 8pm

Sab – Dom: 10am – 10pm

La Boca

Handmade fresh and seasonal ice creams, gelato, sorbets, cakes and pastries.